Fair Pricing For Everyone.

Whether you are starting, professional or prefer to stay worry-free;
AuctionVilla got you covered!
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Split Marketplace Fee

5% + 5% For Buyers & Sellers
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Coupons & Credits

Promotional offers!
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Education Pricing

Special pricing for academia.
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Auction Payment

Pay only after you win!
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Perfect when you are just starting.
  • US$ 9 $15
  • 45 Days Listing

    Run your auction for upto 45 days!
  • 5% Marketplace Fee

    Out of 10% marketplace fee, you will pay 5% only and the rest will be paid by auction winner.
  • Escrow Payment

    Recieve payment through Escrow.
  • $200 Bid Verification

    Before placing a bid over $200 on your listing, bidder will be asked to verify their payment methods.
  • Sale Limit

    Maximum asset value $1,500.
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Take control of your auction.
  • US$ 49 $59
  • Everything Starter

    Enjoy everything from Starter package.
  • Sale Upto $5,000

    Bid can reach upto $5,000!
  • Get Featured

    This listing will be featured in Homepage!
  • Buyer Reach

    AuctionVilla AI will mail best matching buyers informing about your listing!
  • Listing Fee Refund

    Listing fee will be refunded as credit if auction is not won/sold.
  • Block Option

    Block certain users from your auction.
  • Go Live!

    Go live from your listing page and attract more bidders.
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Stay worry-free!
  • US$ 399 $499
  • Everything Pro

    Enjoy everything from Pro package.
  • No Sale Limit

    No pricing limit for Elite plan.
  • Auction Manager

    An expert Auction Manager will be assigned to your auction and reply buyer queries on behalf of you.
  • Top Quality Content

    Expert content writers will write content tailored to your listing for best engagement.
  • Promotion

    Your listing will be promoted through different social media and among AuctionVIlla's classified buyers network.
  • Video/Text Interview

    We will take an interview about the listing with you and feature it along with the listing.
  • Standard Due Diligence

    An AuctionVilla expert will do standard due diligence and provide the information to interested buyers; no more hassle answering infuriating questions.