How AuctionVilla Helps You With Your Digital Assets?

AuctionVilla makes it quick, easy and reliable to buy or sale digital assets, i.e. - mobile applications.
It is no longer necessary to learn how to code to own an app or
know how business world works after coding your app.
AuctionVilla is committed to find you the best match.
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Find Or List Your Asset

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Communicate With Buyer Or Seller

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Finalize Auction

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Step 1

Getting Started
  • For Buyers

    1. From Marketplace find the listing seems appropriate to you.
    2. Check and do basic due dilligence of advertised item.
  • For Sellers

    1. Navigate to Start Selling and add your digital asset.
    2. Provide all required details and adequate information.
    3. Choose your listing plan and publish.

Step 2

Communication & Biddings
  • For Buyers

    1. Use contact seller option to communicate with the seller.
    2. Place your bid to participate in the auction or skip the competition and choose Buy It Now.
  • For Sellers

    1. Answer to your buyer queries.
    2. Agree to a price if you are planning to sale through Buy It Now or let the auction continue and find out the highest bidder.
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Step 3

Payment & Finalization
  • For Buyers

    1. Agree to a payment method with the seller.
    2. Contact Support to use Secure Escrow.
    3. Make your payment following the marketplace receipt.
  • For Sellers

    1. Deliver the digital asset through proper channel.
    2. Submit deliverable files in Auction Finalization area.
    3. Request for payment release.

Support & Help

AuctionVilla Support Team is available 24/7.
  • Payment Options

    Get in touch in case you are facing any difficulty with your payment method or to get paid.
  • Cancel Or Pause Auction

    Cancel or pause your auction anytime you like through support.
  • Asset Transfer

    AuctionVilla support will be more than happy to guide you with asset transfer.
  • Dispute & Resolutions

    In dispute events AuctionVilla dispute resolution team will hear both parties, collect required data and take the most appropriate decision.
    Contact support to start a dispute or to resolve one.

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