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Shooting, space travel and good music!

In A Nutshell:

Hyper casual space shooting game with infinite level and high score system. I'm currently revamping this app and working on more solid game design as well dropping new assets in future



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Seller's Description:

1. What makes the app special?

This game is very engaging and fun to play. If the marketing is done properly, I believe this game has the potential to reach millions of downloads and generate thousands of dollars from ad revenue.

2. What will the winner get after winning or buying the app?

The buyer of the game will get the following things:

  • Complete IP rights of the game

  • App Transfer to Google Play Developer Account

  • Entire Project’s Source Code and Files

  • Maintenance and revamp of the game to V2

3. Is the app monetized or profitable somehow? If yes, how?

Yes, Galaxy Shooter is currently monetized with AdMob. However, the game is not making revenue right now due to a lack of marketing activity.

But if you can market it to the right audience, shift from AdMob to any better ad provider like unity ads and incorporate in-app purchases, the revenue potential of this game is huge.

4. Have you made any profit/traction yet?

As the game was not marketed, the profit/traction received is very minimal.

But with this game, you can literally target anyone and make a lot of profit and traction. 


5. Is there any expense to keep the app running?

No, there are not any ongoing expenses to keep the app running. Also, all existing services are free.

Therefore, everything you will be earning through this game will be your pure profit.

6. Have you done any promotion or marketing?

This game is fairly new and I have not done any promotion or marketing yet.

7. Why should the future buyer own this app?

This app has potential for a hyper-casual gamer app, its just I need more budget for further development into V2

Well, I think anyone who buys this game, will get an incredible opportunity to add and develop a good revenue stream easily.

The bottom line is, that the buyer will also be able to extend his/her game portfolio or get into the app business by acquiring this hyper-casual game.

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