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Fatal Space - 2D action and space shooter game

In A Nutshell:

We have made this game in Unity for android in 2 months. It has been downloaded 5000+ times on different platforms and still downloading in different countries. It makes money through advertising and direct selling on the Galaxy seller store.



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Seller's Description:

1. What makes the app special?

Fatal space is a 2D action and space shooter game. So, what you have to do for playing and enjoying this action-adventure and space game?

2D space shooter game for mobile

Incredible gameplay mechanics

Cool graphics and amazing performance

Simple to comprehend instructions

Use shooting gun and homing missiles to destroy aliens

Fly with turbo boost gas

Start shooting a flamethrower on UFOs and aliens in space

Electricity wave gun

The missile launcher and Laser beam

Hypnotize with the help of a sound wave gun

Use force field to protect yourself from aliens

Save your all achievements

Will have three lives to complete game

2. What will the winner get after winning or buying the app?

Unity Project File, Play Store Access, and other markets access.

3. Is the app monetized or profitable somehow? If yes, how?

It is monetized and generates dollars. In addition, it makes money from direct selling on the Samsung galaxy store.

4. Have you made any profit/traction yet?

Yes, without marketing we have generated a good amount of money and downloads from that game.

5. Is there any expense to keep the app running?

No, just needs to be updated frequently in order to stay ahead of other games.

6. Have you done any promotion or marketing?

Not, but we have a Linkedin page with 500+ followers where we posted about the games.

7. Why the future buyer should own this app?

Because it has the potential to generate a good amount of money in the future if it is continuously updated by someone.

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