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Original 2d Action Game Featuring Rusty The Jet Pack Rider

In A Nutshell:

An original Construct 3 creation where you will join Rusty the Jet Pack Rider through various obstacles within 30 unique levels.



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Seller's Description:


1. What makes the app special?

Here is a list of reasons why we feel the game is special:

  • 30 Unique levels,
  • 3 types of bonuses,
  • Mobile browser optimized,
  • lightweight,
  • HD graphics,
  • 20 languages localization,
  • pause option,
  • Landscape orientation

2. What will the winner get after winning or buying the app?

The winner/buyer will receive the following:

  • Source Code (Construct 3 Game Engine)
  • HTML 5 Exported File
  • APK File

Optional Extra:

  • Additional service offered by seller such as reskinning the game but this will incur additional fees which can be discussed after the sale, but only if interested

3. Is the app monetized or profitable somehow? If yes, how?

Presently the app is not monetised, here are some ways that the buyer can monetise it:

  • Add your Admob account to Jet Pack Rider and have paid ads in game
  • Create In App purchases to the store
  • Utilise ads so they have a purpose in the game such as, watch an ad receive an in store item etc

4. Have you made any profit/traction yet?

This game has been created for resale purposes only.

5. Is there any expense to keep the app running?

There are no expenses to keep the ad running.

6. Have you done any promotion or marketing?

No promotion or marketing has been done for Jet Pack Rider.

7. Why the future buyer should own this app?

The reason why we believe that the future buyer needs to purchase Jet Pack Rider is the following reasons:

  • You can add new levels
  • Potential to ad paid revenue via Admob or In App purchases
  • Easy to play and fun for all ages
  • Exciting obstacles to get through with 30 unique levels to complete
  • Easy to reskin
  • An exciting extra that can be added to your growing app store portfolio

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