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3D Casual-Puzzle Game with Updated Source Code, Lowest Price and Huge Profit.

In A Nutshell:

GLOW MAZE is a high quality 3D casual-puzzle game with loads of colorful levels.



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Seller's Description:

1. About The Game:

It's a High-quality casual-puzzle game with an amazing stylized and colorful design that is best for the current trend of hyper-casual games.


It's a labyrinth puzzle hyper-casual game in which players can swipe up, down, and all-around to light all the dark paths and corners of the vibrantly glowing maze with your Glowing ball.


Some Key Features of This Game:

  • Made with Unity

  • Vibrant colors and graphics

  • Many powerups to increase your chances to win.

  • Smooth and satisfying glow-ball action

  • Complete the levels of each puzzle by lighting every corridor

  • Challenging, Highly addictive, and exciting

  • Simple mechanics that is satisfying to play



2. What Will You Get?

  • Ownership of the app will be transferred to your Play Store Developer Account

  • Your Admob ID and other info integrated before the transfer

  • Source code of The Unity Project

  • Complete Assets of the game including icons, graphics, and fonts.

  • Complete IP rights


3. How This Game Is Generating Revenue?

  • Through Ads &

  • In-app purchase


This game is monetized using Admob and offers in-app purchases. Currently, with only 50+ users this game has generated $7.4 Ads revenue in a month. With the right audience and better promotion, this game can generate good revenue.


4. Have You Made Any Profit/Traction Yet?

Yes, This game has made profits from In-app Ads. MORE INFORMATION IS IN THE VIDEO BELOW.

5. Is there any operational cost for running this game?

No, there is no operational cost to run this game. You can still spend on the promotion and marketing of this game to the right audience.


6. Have you done any promotion or marketing?

Yes, I got a CPI of around $0.73 and 5.7% day 7 retention with only 50+ installs. The CPI that I got is from only 47 installs, to get a better idea regarding metrics you need to promote them on social media.


7. Why Should You Own This app?

I think you should own this app for the following reasons:

  • You can start generating revenue almost instantly through ads.

  • It is possible to maximize ad revenue instantly by shifting from admob to unity ads.

  • The market for this kind of game is huge.

  • Through proper marketing to the right audience, this game can be a great source of income for you.


8. What development tools were used?

This game was built using unity and I will provide the ownership of the project and full source code of the unity project. 

9. What You Need To Do To Keep This Game Running?

As this game is currently on the google play store, I will transfer the ownership of the game to your google developer account and also I will integrate the game with the Admob account.

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