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In this incredible game, enter the world of action and fight.

In A Nutshell:

Go on a fantastic adventure and experience an exciting mix of action and exploration!



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Seller's Description:

1. What makes the app special?

It is a very good quality game with various worlds and levels, you can also access the ads which you can monetize, it also has a save in the cloud so you don't lose your process.

2. What will the winner get after winning or buying the app?

Winner will get the ownership of this game and full source code.

3. Is the app monetized or profitable somehow? If yes, how?

Yes, The app comes with ads and in-app purchase integration. Having a good marketing strategy will make you profit.

4. Have you made any profit/traction yet?


5. Is there any expense to keep the app running?

No, there is no need to pay any fees for this application.

6. Have you done any promotion or marketing?

I have done promotions through social networks having a good reception and excellent comments and marketing as well because I work for an industry of the same.

7. Why the future buyer should own this app?

The Game is an adventure platform that, due to its good accessibility, image quality and controls, attracts several users which builds a large audience to make profit.

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