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3D hyper casual game with updated source code with lowest price and huge profit.

In A Nutshell:

HOLE FALL 3D is a high quality 3D hyper-casual game with loads of exciting levels.



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Seller's Description:

1. About The Game:

It's a High quality hyper casual game with amazing cartoony and colorful design that is best for the current trend of mobile games.  

It's an arcade style 3D hyper casual game in which players control the hole to collect 3D objects and devour the Cartoons, piece by piece.

Some Key Features of This Game:

  • Build with Unity

  • High quality and clean graphics

  • Game offers a lot of superhero logos 

  • Player can control the hole to collect 3D objects

  • Each level gets challenging than the last

  • Highly addictive to play for a long time

  • Simple mechanics that anyone can play it instantly

  • Highly satisfying & Stress Relieving


2. What Will You Get?

  • Ownership of the app will be transferred to your Play Store Developer Account

  • Your Admob ID and other info integrated before the transfer

  • Source code of The Unity Project

  • Complete Assets of the game including icons, graphics and fonts.

  • Complete IP rights


3. How This Game Is Generating Revenue?

  • Ad

  • In-app purchase

This game is monetized using Admob and offers in-app purchases. Currently, with a small users this game has generated $10 Ads revenue per month. It has a large audience, with the right user base and promotion this game can generate a lot of revenue.


4. Have You Made Any Profit/Traction Yet?

Yes, This game has made profits from In app Ads and In app Purchases. MORE INFORMATION IN THE VIDEO BELOW.


5. Is there any operational cost for running this game?

No, There is no need to do any expense for this app. Still you can spend on marketing to get this game in front of the right audience.


6. Have you done any promotion or marketing?

Yes, got a CPI of around $0.6 and 7.3% day 7 retention with 150 installs only.


7. Why Should You Own This app?

This game has the potential to get to the top charts if someone is ready to do the promotion/marketing. And if you can attract a good audience then you can make a huge profit.

Revenue Potential:

I think this game has the potential to generate huge revenue. If you can market it properly, monetize with premium ads such as Unity ads, Mopub, Iron Source ads, Facebook audience network instead of admob and grow your player base, this game can be a great source of your revenue.

Wide Target Market:

As Hole fall 3D is a hyper casual game, you can target people of any age. Everybody loves hyper casual games. The size of the market is huge which ensures the future potential of the game.

Extra Support:

As a developer, I will install your admob account into the app code, so that you can start generating revenue instantly.

Also, I will try to provide post sale support if you have any queries moving forward.

8. What development tools were used?

This game is built using Unity, I will provide you the full source code of this project, you can easily customize this game later on.

9. What You Need To Do To Keep This Game Running?

To keep this game running you need the google development account and admob account. Don’t worry if you are new to this, I will walk you through the process of transferring ownership from google play developer account and integrate this game with Admob account. 

Files & Videos:

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