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Soft Shoots Territory Defense Survival game with High Potential $$$ long term investment

In A Nutshell:

Soft Shoots Territory Defense Premium Android Game with Potential to earn a lot of $$$ if you promote it. View and read the description before buying



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What is included in the sale?

- I will transfer to your Google Play developer account

- Provides source code and all Unity assets (UNITY VERSION 2017), ANDROID source code + file keystore

- I will add your admob code to the application (Banners and interstitials)


Free 1 game (my chat or random)

24/7 premium support

What do I need to keep the application running?

- Google Play Developer Account

Why did you sell the application?

- We build applications to sell to clients.

How does the application generate revenue?

- Admob ads

Are there fees for applications? If so, what are they?

- Google Play Developer Account ($ 25), you also need to devote some funds to promote the application

What marketing initiatives have been used for the application?

- Nothing, this is a new application. We do not market applications that we make for new clients. This game is ready for someone to take it to the next level!

How can future owners improve the application?

- Free or paid marketing using Facebook, Googleads etc.

- Use social media to promote the game

Payment via

- To protect from non-compliant buyers, we only accept payment via paypal

Don't buy if you can't pay with paypal

(Escrow fees are huge, so I prefer PayPal)


Please try playing this game first before buying.

We sell games like game examples, please try playing the first game, if you like it, please buy.

This is a new game, so there is no revenue yet.

Note2: There is no refund after the buyer pays it, because I don't like inconsistent buyer

Files & Videos:

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